The Firewalker Comic

Enter the world of Demetrius and join Aidan in his journey of self-discovery.

The Firewalker is a queer coming of age story about Aidan, who had guessed that leaving his village would bring great changes into his life.
He certainly wasn’t expecting to join a rebellion and meet a mysterious bard who tagged along the ride.
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance
Rating: Teen


Writer & Artist: Arka WR (@arkadraws)
Colorist: Illustsee (@artbyillustsee), Mika Rune (@mikachurl)
Editor: Devin Whitlock (@devinagonistes)
Proofreader: Kadets (@Kadets64)

Chapter 1

Song of the Sun

Chapter 2

The Bard

Chapter 3

The Ambush

Chapter 4

The Sparks

Chapter 5

The Encampment

Chapter 6

The Looming Dread

Chapter 7

The Legacy

Chapter 8

Reinhart's Glaive

Chapter 9

The Ambush

Chapter 10

The Bandit


Concept Art

Chapter 2: Fateful Meeting

Chapter 18: Ruins of Dornelle

Chapter 33: The Lover's Edge

Season 5: Genesis Universe


Danger and Deceit

Pride Month 2022

Halloween 2022

A Better Reality

Inksgiving 2022

Good Night


Digital Download

The Firewalker - Book 1: Song of the Sun

**Original Color Version (by Arka WR)